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The Tactical Practice Planner for Singles & Doubles
Provides step by step tactical plans and videos for every scenario in tennis. It's literally the difference between winning and losing at tennis!
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Tactical Practice Planner for Singles
Discover every tactical practice plan for singles. From core tactical planning to advanced situations.
Tactical Practice Planner for Doubles
Here you'll find every doubles tactical practice plan, from core tactics to more advanced plans.
Technical Help Videos for Every Shot
Should you have difficulty in executing any of the tactics within these practice plans, you may need to improve your technique on one or more of your shots. Here we show a step by step way to improve every shot in tennis.
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This short video shows you how TENNISiPro works
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Do you play competitve tennis of any kind in singles or doubles?

In all matches the one thing that determines the winner between evenly matched players... is tactics!

Even if you are inferior technically or physically to your opponent, you can fashion a win, just by being more tactically aware than them.

TENNISiPro will show you some easy to copy tactics that you can incorporate into your game with just a little practice.

Most tennis players spend their days practicing their technique, trying to hit harder forehands or killer serves, but neglect the tactical side of their game.

If you can play with more purpose and focus than your opponent, if you can win the match of minds, then not only will you find tennis so much more fun, but you’ll enjoy far more wins than losses.

Yours in tennis
Andy Magrath MTI

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You will enjoy:
    • videos of every tactic in tennis,
    • a step by step practice plan of each tactic.
    • this includes core tactical drills and strategies
    • and more advanced strategies
    • for both singles and doubles
    • PLUS the complete set of MTI Method technical Video tutorials
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TENNISiPro Membership
TENNISiPro brings the answers straight to your smartphone or tablet by not only offering a platform packed with pattern of play drills as used by the top ATP and WTA players, but also the core drills and shot techniques you will need to develop first.
It’s so simple! …Just choose a tactical pattern. Then watch a video of this pattern in action before following a step by step practice plan of how to rehearse until it feels instinctive.
You’ll soon be adding this pattern to your game.
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